Double Delight – Rebecca Venn

Summer blossoms on my porch. Fragile. Lasting only one day but preserved in a painting forever. These hibiscus blooms offer magical shapes in nature.

Ebb and Flow – Eileen Lubiana

I like finding tiny treasures in larger works, in the same way I appreciate small things in nature. In ebb and flow, the small crop becomes a vast ocean.

Landscape’ism – Leith O’Malley

Although I don’t paint landscape, I think about doing it a lot.
That in mind, on a recent road trip in South Australia, I was completely taken aback by the multitude of colourful fields that whizzed by.. a checker board of earth hues and endless fences. Visual poetry.
It just really stuck with me.
I have tried to express that very feeling through a small mixed media illustration I have created especially for the “Small World Art” exhibition.

Spider Shell – Judy Morris

Orange spider shell, Lambis crocata, from North Queensland. Similar shells are common in tropical waters around the world.

Tell him he’s dreaming – Mervyn Beamish

Auto-biographical. I have always had a problem (some would name it so) with the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Surrounding realities fade and future dimensions and possibilities prevail. This is a real condition and a glorious experience.

Self Portrait with Baby Giraffe – Tiziana Borghese

I seek out found objects and revitalise them into new works. The baby giraffe is from a discarded children’s etching set. I reworked the image, added gesso, paint, ink and medium and etched my own image to turn it into a self portrait. The find follows a dream I had that I was running wild through a magnificent forest accompanied by a playful baby giraffe.

ELDON – Mark Melberzs-Rozitis

The name ELDON derives meaning from Teutonic roots: the elder, and from English origin, the meaning of the name Eldon is: From the elves’ valley, from the old town.

A chance momentary glimpse of Eldon’s profile was captured whilst on a late afternoon walk through snow bound Dinner Plain, an alpine snow country village on the the Great Alpine Road, in the State of Victoria, Australia.

Some look without seeing and others see without looking.
Eldon’s uniqueness epitomizes one infinitesimal moment of sentient recognition.

Once seen, an aha moment, and there is no turning back . . .

Abandoned – Penny Heighes

A deserted homestead on a property in the Bremer Ranges east of Adelaide. Within this farming community there are many such old stone homesteads that are laying idle and decaying as the weather of the seasons cloaks them in decay, the weeds and creepers taking over the once warm and cosy interiors, even the kangaroos take shelter in them.

Parallel lives – Michelle Lee

” …because our minds are now able to better process multidimensional thinking in space and time. Outside the dimension of our Earth reality, time operates by a different pattern. It is not linear—it is simply and always now. Thus, each life is both still unfolding and has already been completed in the present moment.” -Mira Kelly

Landscape Owl – Emma Hack

BIRDS OF PREY revisits Emma’s love and fascination of combining Australian birds within her artwork. The collection features Owls, Wedge Tailed Eagle and Peregrine Falcon.
Emma painstakingly camouflages the human form into her hand painted background designs using body-painting techniques. A unique medium mastered over a 22-year career.

One in A Million – Grace M. Luttrell

One orange Goldfish on a background of blue & violet with other orange & bronze gold fish. A lone goldfish trying to stand out in a group of many. An analogy of all the choices we face to stand out & embrace our differences or blend in.

Indian Summer miniture – Victoria Velozo

In her works Victoria Velozo bridges reality and imagination; painting realistic elements of nature, then overlays with contrasting collage. The artist uses dream symbolism drawing on her psychology degree to convey an unconscious message to the viewer.

Hope – Kerry Wembridge Ziernicki

“Where there is life, there is hope”. We are free to search for a better world, for an end to Cancers and other illnesses with a life sentence. The answers are just over the horizon. But we must seek them out.

Beech Mountain – Dot Courson

This is a landscape study for my larger “Steadfast and Earnest”. The view is from near Banner Elk, NC, a beautiful resort area near the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Appalachians. I was there to do a commissioned painting of Lynville Falls for a collector and became obsessed with the undisturbed beauty of the area.
Maybe it’s because I’m form north Mississippi where it’s rolling hills and delta land, but I am so inspired every time I see even the “small” mountains. They are all awe-inspiring. Beautiful country for landscape painting!

Silver Screen – Peri Ransley

A black, white and silver portrait of Marylin Monroe who is the face of the Marlyin Jetty Swim for Cancer Research in South Australia.

Lost Child Somewhere Near Beyer’s Cottage, Hill End, NSW – Filippa Buttitta

This is a similar, miniature version of a larger version I did of my ‘Lost Child Somewhere Near Beyers Cottage, Hill End’. It is an extension to my ongoing Lost Child in the Bush series that explore the ‘lost child in the bush’ trope in various locations around NSW. While Hill End has been a popular place for many artist to explore the figure in the landscape, Buttitta re-imagines it through portrayals of her own daughter as a roaming lost child against a backdrop of iconic Hill End landscapes.

Through the Fire – Lisa L. Cyr

The warrior-like figure, surrounded by a transformative medical symbol, is battling cancer. Over her breast is a protective shield and on her face the pink ribbon symbol marks her journey through the fire that emanates from within!


Exploratory study from the feminine perspective of nurturing and rebirth. The importance of maintaining our connection to ancestral history, the earth and our humanity in this time of “virtual” evolution.

Rock….Bottom – Sue Ransley

I paint observational pictures of everyday folk. This moment is when a father was helping his boy remove a stone from his shoe but both were dealing with the movememt of the ‘ground’ beneath them. People responding to The Floating Piers installation by Christo, Monte Isola Italy.

Glades of Jade – Ali Ve

Being an artist/healer I wanted to create a work that brought tranquility and peace to the viewer, in hope that all who found themselves in the piece would find peace and calm.

perSPECtive’ – April Mandelc Palmer

This piece represents our personal perspective on life and the fact that we all have a choice to either, see the good, or the bad in any person or situation.
Its asking the question “”What do you choose to see? ” and offers the blessing…
May you always have vision to view beyond your physical eyes.

By Another Name – Sarina Diakos

I enjoy exploring the organic nature of paint and draw inspiration from so many places and objects around me. I’ve been embracing nature this year so organic combinations like rose reds and deep greens with strong dark contrasts are appearing in many pieces of work.

“Rivers Edge” – Cindy Wilbur

I was attracted to the little river running through the marsh, leading to the pasture beyond. I added some suggestions of what lies beyond… which is up to the viewer.

“far away” – Janis Lander

This is an image of my daughter, who is living in California, from remembered skype chats. I quite like the blurry distortions of the digital media but I prefer a phone call. The voice is more accurate for communication.

Autumn Glow – Paul Tait

Historically Port Willunga has been an important port, to access goods and services from the area. Today, sadly, only skeletal remains of this period remain.

“GRACE” – Lindy Downing

A combination of photographs blended, digitally painted and touched up with water colour pencils. Printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper.

The Red Dot – Jillian solley

Taken out the front of my favourite coffee shop in Murray Bridge, South Australia. This photo has Japanese influences using my cannon EOS600D.

Set Apart – Gregory Becker

This sunrise reveals a tree set apart from other trees. I often see myself that way because I don’t want to be lonely.

“Cidade Maravilhosa” – Rodolfo Vanni

Acrylics on paper inspired by the wonderful brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, the Sugar Loaf, Arcos da Lapa and Christ The Redeemer are represented in vibrant and colorfull geometric shapes.

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